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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Agricultural activities and the global carbon cycleLal, Rattan
2009Application of stable isotope analysis to quantify the retention of eroded carbon in grass filters at the North Appalachian experimental watershedsJacinthe, P. A.; Lal, Rattan; Owens, L. B.
2007Back to the FutureLal, Rattan
2010Beyond Copenhagen: Mitigating Climate Change and Achieving Food Security Through Soil Carbon SequestrationLal, Rattan
2005Bioenergy Crops and Carbon SequestrationLemus, R.; Lal, Rattan
2007Biofuels From Crop ResiduesLal, Rattan
2007Bringing the Green Revolution to Resource-Poor Farmers of sub-Saharan AfricaLal, Rattan
2004Carbon Emission From Farm OperationsLal, Rattan
2007Carbon Management in Agricultural SoilsLal, Rattan
2008Carbon Market Insights, 11-13 March 2008, CopenhagenLal, Rattan
2007Carbon SequestrationLal, Rattan
2004Carbon Sequestration in Dryland EcosystemsLal, Rattan
2002Carbon Sequestration in Dryland Ecosystems of West Asia and North AfricaLal, Rattan
2005Carbon Sequestration in Reclaimed MinesoilsUssiri, David A. N.; Lal, Rattan
2009Carbon Sequestration in saline soilsLal, Rattan
2008Carbon Sequestration in SoilLal, Rattan
2009Challenges and opportunities in soil organic matter researchLal, Rattan
2007Climate Change and Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Central AsiaLal, Rattan
2007Climate Change, Energy Environmental Management, 2007Lal, Rattan
1997Conservation tillage for carbon sequestrationLal, Rattan; Kimble, J. M.